Top destinations in Germany with the camper or caravan

Holidays in their own homes – more and more people opt for a trip in the camper. You will benefit from many advantages; on the one hand, you can decide what goals you have while driving and also spontaneously change the route or take detour. In addition, a trip in the camper also offers a semi-natural experience, as many spaces are in particular retained natural systems. Whether the North Sea beach, in the mountains or against the backdrop of a bustling metropolis – in travel with the caravan everyone will find their own favorite destination.

With the Caravan the Allgäu – holiday in the mountains

As one of the most traditional destinations in the mountains, the Allgäu presented; Here you can spend more time close to nature before a characteristic setting a holiday with numerous hiking and outdoor activities. Among the classic destinations in the Allgäu are the alpine ski Söllereck and Nebelhorn; a gondola ride on the foghorn well worth it as the stop at an alpine hut, which is located on the observation platform. From this platform, you have a view of 400 mountain peaks.

Explore the Alps in Germany with the caravan

The Chiemgau offers one of the most popular destinations in the German Alps. In particular, the area around the spa town of Ruhpolding is worth seeing and offers close to nature camping against the backdrop of the Alps. In addition, numerous attractions to discover, for example, the location on a hilltop parish church of St. Georg, whose side altar houses a Romanesque Madonna.

Otherwise, this area offers the classic advantages of a typical Alpine vacation that you can spend with long walks in the open countryside and the visit of typical small villages. If you are with a caravan in the Munich road, you will reach easily the Bavarian Alps.

Camping with children

Ideal destinations for family holidays

To spend a camping holiday with the children, it means family and relaxation. So you have a lot of time that you can spend while camping together. With beautiful playing together it can be very nice deal as a family. If it rains, there are also very good games that you can play in the caravan. Trivia games or board games can offer you fantastic time and crafts is one way to make a camping holiday fun with children.

The trip to the holidays

Thus, the drive does not degenerate to stress, you can choose a destination that is not too far away and yet has everything you need for a great holiday for children. Such a holiday offering the Edersee in Germany. This camping holidays caravan would not only your kids like, but you will be also impressed. Thus, the time during the drive does not become boring, quizzes can be played like “I see something you do not see”, where everyone can participate, passing the time. If your children old enough there are also various card games or board games and small radio play CDs or music offer, for shortening the travel time.

The resort Edertaler Hof

Former Farm in Affoldern today offers space for camping enthusiasts who would like to enjoy their holiday in a tent, camper or caravan. In the middle of the Affoldern Affolderner lake you can enjoy a true adventure. Especially this campsite offers many facilities for children. The environment is ideal for family holidays and provides many discoveries. At the campsite there is a large playground and the possibility to football or volleyball. The Affolderner lake, which is just a few meters from the campsite offers to drive a boat or swimming.
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Things that are fun

For an exciting canoe trip the canoe rental ensures wet times. Here you can rent a canoe with the kids for a few hours, the Eder paddle along and enjoy the beautiful area. Am Wehr You will be picked up again and brought back to the campsite after Affoldern. But the Edersee itself has much to offer.You can, for example, collect shells on the beach for those beautiful souvenirs. Baden is of course in the limpid water as possible.

The Kellerwald

Particularly appealing is the Leisure Centre in Sachsenhausen with the grandiose summer toboggan run for children and adults. The nature park Kellerwald also provides clamping end and entertaining for all ages: bird air shows and an exciting wildlife such as moose, bobcats and more. Cycling trails around Lake Eder or Affolderner lake continued to reflect a lot of pleasure by bike. Even the Waldecker castle makes for an exciting stay.

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